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Hi I'm Tessa!!!!.

I'm so happy you decided to visit my page!  If you're here to learn a little more about me, you've come to the right place.  I'm a fit and sexy west coast gal who loves to visit all parts of the country!  I have a playful and sweet personality, yet I'm always careful and take time getting to know people.  Trust and respect are sacred to me, and I take those connections very seriously and heartfelt.  I enjoy meeting people and learning about their hopes, dreams and desires. 

Make no mistake - you will have my full attention when we spend time together!

I enjoy good health, hygiene and fitness.  I take great care of my body and love to share fitness tips with my friends! I also love the outdoors, the beach, hiking and bike riding.  Who doesn't???? lol.

I welcome you to get to know me better and explore our fantasies. I would like to meet successful people and talk about business and entrepreneurship. The most respectful, kind and generous gentlemen are the ones who I admire the most.  Being a kind person isn't tough!  Show me what you've got!  My smile will overpower you, so get ready for a disarming charm that some have described as 'Slayer.'  ;)



Height: 5'0

Weight: 105

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Curly/Brown

Bust: 34B

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